DONTFORGET - An Undertale/Deltarune Fan-Game

DONTFORGET is an Undertale/Deltarune fan-project developed by RickyG.

The game features an Online Multiplayer mode. Explore locations from both Undertale and Deltarune with other Undertale fans across the globe. You'll encounter many different monsters on your multiplayer journey, and you can also battle other players in a unique PVP system! This new system combines mechanics from both Undertale and Deltarune, allowing for very interesting battles. Play as a wide range of characters from Undertale, Deltarune, a few AU's (Alternate universes), and even some other games!

Now a Legacy version the story has been released. If you wish to get this game you can get it on Game Jolt.

You can also play the game on any Android device by going to Game Jolt and downloading the Android version. You need to install .apk file directly. A virtual gamepad and custom buttons included on Android version.

Latest Version of DONTFORGET: v2.4.3b

Page Count: 172

DISCLAIMER: This wiki is not affiliated with Official DONTFORGET. This wiki is just a information portal that we add everything in-game to help anyone playing DONTFORGET. We can't help about your account,bans, etc. You need to directly contact with DONTFORGET Admins for that, not the Wiki members.

This wiki contains spoilers for hidden things and secrets from DONTFORGET. Continue with minding this.

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Simple Site Map

Meet the DF Team:

Creator, Project Lead, Programmer, Writer:

  • RickyG


  • PalodiaPrime
  • Perpetrator
  • Ethosein
  • Lone-R
  • Synth Mints


  • iAbokai (Page artwork/Cutscene artist/Battle sprite artist)
  • Prima (Concept Artist)
  • Weny (Concept Artist)
  • Universal 22 (Overworld/Battle sprite artist)
  • ItsJustRandomMe (Overworld/Battle sprite artist)
  • Szkraft220 (Overworld/Battle sprite artist/Concept Artist)
  • Mrky (Overworld/Battle sprite artist)

Voice Actors:

  • Dunkle Sans (as W.D. Gaster and Sans)
  • Zie (as Toriel)
  • Kyaitoa (as Chara)
  • Alexsquirtle (as Asriel)
  • Lavender (as Papyrus)

Multiplayer Server Host:

  • Size43

Multiplayer Admins:

  • Sarns
  • SMario8282
  • Weny
  • ShadowTheClood
  • TheLandimizer
  • Sluethen
  • SnowTheFox
  • Serpenoid
  • Serns
  • ItsJustMe
  • MiauwMeow

Past team members:

  • SuxMenner (Ex-spriter, ex-admin)
  • Frisk-o (Ex-spriter)
  • Rasp (Ex-spriter)
  • Miln (Ex-admin)
  • Vivu (Ex-admin)
  • TheGravyNator (Ex-admin)
  • Pixel (Ex-Overworld, Ex-Battle sprite artist)
  • Draco (Ex-Overworld, Ex-Battle sprite artist)
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